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Your typical plastic model ship is manufactured as an kit, which then is assembled by enthusiasts and hobbyists which is usually built for display purposes.

Manufactured kits comes with a variety of difficulties, which can range from the 'snap-together' model which you can sit and assemble straight out the box, or the more complex one where you need specialised tools, cements and paints to build your ship. Model Ships are by far one of the mode popular plastic modelling in the market. The most common scale model ships built today are military ships.

Revell Ship Airfix Ship


Plastic modelling goes back as far as the end of 1936 with a scale of 1:72. Your typical ship scales are, 1:72, 1:96, 1:144. 1:350.

Here at Model Rail Road we stock a wide range of plastic model ships from your favorite brands like Revell, Airfix, Italeri and many more. Come see our store for our range of ships, if you are building your own ship and need some materials, we do stock cements and paints to build your dream ship.