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Athearn have been stocking and supplying a wide range of high-quality trains and a variety of scales. We pride our self in supplying our customers with the best trains of high value and detail that will appeal to all modelers.

Do you remember you first train set? Model Railroading is one of the top timeless hobbies that we enjoyed with our fathers, sons, grandchildren and grandparents and even some of your friends. That is why we here at Athearn have been around for more than 60 years supplying the best to all modelers.

We supply a brand for every type of modeler. From the top of the line brand then Genesis HO-scale diesel and steam locomotives with their world famous detailing and realistic sounds that comes with the choice of dual-function DC/DCC decoders, DCC-ready, speakers, and soundboards to your Athearn Ready to roll HO lineup which provide you a broad selection of rolling stock, already full assembled diesel locomotives and vehicles.

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